Are Your Cravings Stressing You Out?

I provide eating counseling to help you eliminate cravings.


Your Excellence

Transition to a better you by shading old habits



Forward Now

You are ready to identify your self-worth 

Your Vision Matters!

You have the power to release the hold food as on you and rebuild your joy

The way you eat matters because the actual act of eating should be unconditional. However, certain foods are triggers, becoming addictive and harmful to your system.

I am passionate that your recovery from food addiction should be practical, simple, and unique. Yet, of course, you want to (quickly) get over your unhealthy eating habits, but making new habits of any kind takes care and time.

So, unleashing the power within is not just a metaphor, but rather an actual way of thinking and being.  Your vision matters so being able to find and enjoy the laughter is the best place to start. This is your empowering moment to achieve your vision to eat clean with understanding, direction, and knowledge to move forward confidently.  Let's talk

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Do you have an unhappy relationship with food?

I'll help you resolve your relationship with food.


Your Path

All that is required is you shift your energy shift

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Strong Roots

Are you seeking stability and balance?

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Hi, I'm Catherine,
Holistic Nutrition Professional

As the healthy lifestyles nutritionist, my purpose is to help conscious people resolve their relationship so that you can bridge the gap with your healthy eating and self-discipline.

So, that you can create a wellness lifestyle equipped with holistic eating and living tools. While releasing old eating habits using simple and practical strategies.


Because I know, it is hard to feel imbalanced, powerless, and confused. However, you will achieve balance and confident with a little guidance because the answer is available for you.

As when I discovered that I can change my relationship with food, my whole world improved especially my 


Let's get started making your dreams of being and doing because you can, come true.

I had a great experience with the healthy lifestyles nutritionist. She has introduced me to numerous healthy foods that benefit my overall health. I am extremely grateful. I will incorporate the healthy lifestyle tools and tips in my life.

Shaney, ,NJ, 2016

"Thank you, The healthy lifestyles nutritionist approach was straight forward, easy to follow, and thorough. She helped me to identify unhealthy beliefs and thinking patterns that led me to poor food choices. Along with food ideas, she taught me that "nothing changes. if nothing changes." I now know that I have to commit to healthy eating everyday."

Corin, NJ, 2018

"I appreciate you so much!! You have given me so many tools that I can use for weight lose. However, you've also helped me break though my feelings of loneliness and lost. You set me on the right path! I feel great! I'm sleeping better! I'm more aware of my life and making healthier decisions! I love my life and it's only getting better! Thank you"


Pamela, NY, 2021

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